Picsellia SDK

Picsellia Python SDK is a python library that allows connecting to Picsellia platform.


Reference of the SDK can be found at reference

Getting started

Documentation can be found at docs.
Start by installing the Picsellia python package in your environment.

pip install picsellia

Then, initialize a client

from picsellia import Client
client = Client(api_token=<your api token>)

Now, use it to upload data and create a dataset !

lake = client.get_datalake()
uploaded_data = lake.upload_data(filepaths=["pics/twingo.png", "pics/ferrari.png"], tags=["tag_car"])

dataset = client.create_dataset("cars").create_version("first")

What is Picsellia ?

Our mission is to give you all the necessary tools to relieve the burden of AI projects off of your shoulders. As a data scientist / ML engineer / Researcher, you shouldn't have to worry about the following topics :

Picsellia is the one-stop place for all the life-cycle of your Computer Vision projects, from ideation to production in a single platform 🚀.