Train-Test Split Object

It will frequently happen that you split your data between a training and a test/validation batch. If you want to visualize the repartition of the data among all your classes, you will likely log a bar chart looking like this :

data = {
    'x': ['car', 'person', 'bird'],
    'y': [10, 25, 12],
    'image_list': [...]
experiment.log(name='train-split', type='bar', data=data)

By naming your data train-split, you will have access to a brand new tab in your experiment that allows you to dive deep in the batches from your splits and check if there appears to be no issues with your data.

The image_list key allows you to match each of your image with a particular set so you can explore it later in the platform. The value is a list containing the internal_id of each picture.