1️⃣ Set up account, organization and SDK


First of all, you need to create your free trial account. To do so, the Picsellia team should have provided you with the procedure for account creation.

This account creation must be done for all the members of your team who will be part of the Picsellia trial.

Then, you can access the Picsellia platform and log in at this URL: https://app.picsellia.com/


Once on the platform, you should make sure you will work in the same organization as your team members so that you can work collaboratively on each step of your project.

By default, you are landing on your own organization which is named with your username.
As displayed below, by going on the settings button at the bottom left, you can switch to any other organization you can access.

During the trial kick-off meeting, you should have agreed to the user who will own the organization of your team. This user must use the link provided by the Picsellia team to create his account prior to the other team members and by leaving the field "Org. code" blank. Once the account of the organization owner is created, a code will be displayed, this code has to be shared with all the other team members. They will use it to fill in the field "Org. code" when creating their account. When creating an account using an organization code shared by the organization owner, it automatically adds the new user to the organization of the Organization code owner.

After account creation, your team's organization owner can still invite users to join the organization to work collaboratively. To do it let's go to "Personal Settings" to invite them using their username.

Creating an account using the link provided by the Picsellia team will give you access to the whole Picsellia platform with the PRemium plan during 14 days.

Once on your team organization, you should see all the members of your team and the associated datasets and projects. from the “Home” page.

Python SDK

It is essential to know that any action available on Picsellia's User Interface can also be done programmatically using our Python SDK. Using the SDK will allow you to automatize boring tasks to focus only on your actual work. It is crucial to use the SDK during the trial period because it will give you an overview of the automated pipelines that you could put in place across your team to optimize your Computer Vision projects.

All the SDK documentation you need to use it is available here

To start using it, you need to install the Picsellia package in your Python dev environment

pip install picsellia

During the first use of the SDK, we recommend you leverage the recipes tab which will help you get familiar with the Picsellia package and perform the essential steps.