Deployments - List of deployments

A Deployment is kind of a control center with several features that aim at supervising a ModelVersion behavior while performing inferences. As explained here, a Deployment is instantiated by deploying a ModelVersion from the Private Model Registry of an Organization. It means that a given ModelVersion can have many related Deployment.

1. Access Deployments list

From the Navigation bar, you can easily access the list of all the existing Deployment related to your Organization.

Access Deployments list

Access Deployments list

TheDeployments list displays the list of instantiated Deployment in the frame of the current Organization

Deployments list

Deployments list

This list displays for each existing Deployment the following information:

  • The Name of the Deployment (clickable link)
  • The ModelVersion related to the Deployment (clickable link)
  • The ModelVersion deployed as Shadow Model Version on the Deployment (optional)
  • The number of Predictions already logged in the Deployment
  • A graph displaying the latest latency trend
  • The date of the last Prediction logged
  • The creation date of the Deployment
  • The user that created the Deployment


If you have plenty of Deployment avaible

There is a Search Bar avaible in the Deployments list letting your retrieve quickly the Deployment you are interested in.

To access a particular Deployment, you just need to click on its Name.