Dataset - Dataset versioning system

1. Access the Datasets tab

The Datasets tab is the place where you can visualize all your datasets and associated versions.

You can also visualize, manipulate, and annotate all the Asset of a DatasetVersion.

You can access the Datasets features from the Navigation Bar:

Access _Datasets_ features

Access Datasets features

2. Dataset overview

In order to structure and keep the history of the work done on your Dataset, Picsellia embeds a Dataset Versioning system. It means that each Dataset can have many DatasetVersion, those versions are created manually by users when they feel that they need to create a new version.

When landing on the Datasets overview, you can visualize all the Dataset that are part of your organization.

_Datasets Overview_

Datasets Overview

For each Dataset is displayed:

  • The name
  • The number of versions related to this Dataset
  • The description
  • The user who created the Dataset
  • The creation date


Button New Dataset

Clicking on the button + New Dataset will redirect you to your Datalake so that you can select Data and create a new DatasetVersion as explained here

3. DatasetVersions overview

When clicking on a Dataset displayed in the Dataset overview, you will land on the DatasetVersions overview. This view displays all the versions available for the selected Dataset.

_DatasetVersions overview_

DatasetVersions overview

The header displays the name of the currently displayed Dataset to the left and the Dataset ID to the right.

For each DatasetVersion is displayed

  • The name
  • The creation date
  • The number of Asset composing the DatasetVersion
  • The number of Annotation on the Asset composing the DatasetVersion
  • The total number of objects on the Asset composing the DatasetVersion
  • A histogram representing the number of objects by Label on the DatasetVersion

Clicking on any DatasetVersion opens the Asset overview of the DatasetVersion.

4. Edit Dataset information and delete it

From the Settings tab of the DatasetVersions overview, you can:

  • From the General tab, edit Dataset information (Name & Description) or delete the Datasetand associated DatasetVersion
_General tab_ of `Dataset` _Settings_

General tab of Dataset Settings

  • Manage (Add or Delete) the Organization members (i.e. Worker) who can access the Dataset & associated DatasetVersions
_Workers tab_ of `Dataset` _Settings_

Workers tab of Dataset Settings

5. Edit DatasetVersion information and delete it

When opening the Asset overview, you can visualize all the Asset composing the DatasetVersion as explained here.

But you can also edit the DatasetVersion information by clicking on Settings as shown below:

_General tab_ of `DatasetVersion` _Settings_

General tab of DatasetVersion Settings

From this view, you can:

  • Edit DatasetVersion name

  • Edit DatasetVersion description

  • Delete DatasetVersion (for security reasons, you will be asked to type the DatasetVersion name in the deletion pop-up)