3️⃣ Import your data in the datalake

Now let’s start working with Picsellia!

The first step is obviously to upload your data to the platform. For information, the connection to an external Cloud Storage is unavailable during the trial period.

The datalake is gathering all the data you and your team will use to create your Computer Vision projects with Picsellia.

To upload your first data, you need to go to the datalake of your organization and select the button “Upload data” at the top right corner.

A modal opens, allowing you to select the data to be uploaded in your datalake. We strongly recommend you create a tag and assign it to the images you are about to upload, it will be beneficial to organize your datalake.

To do it with the SDK :

Now that your datalake has been filled with your data you can navigate through it using our query language which allows you to retrieve data based on many criteria, such as tags as you can see here:

But the query language offers you many possibilities to navigate through your datalake, let the auto-completion guide you 😊