Dataset - Annotation studio

Picsellia embeds an integrated Annotation tool that will allow you to create or edit Annotation on any Asset from a DatasetVersion.

The Annotation tool has been designed to embrace your needs.

You can either use the raw Annotation Tool to quickly annotate your DatasetVersion or organize an Annotation Campaign. Defining an Annotation Campaign is useful in case you have a consequent number of images to annotate, many people involved in the annotation phase, and the need to ensure that each Asset has been properly annotated.

It is important to note that each Asset of a DatasetVersion, can have only one Annotation.

So for basic annotation needs, the raw Annotation Tool should be sufficient, its associated documentation is available here.

But as soon, as you need to manage properly and efficiently a team dedicated to annotation, it is highly recommended to define an Annotation Campaign on your DatasetVersion to handle this crucial phase properly. Here is the documentation detailing how to define and run an Annotation Campaign.