Annotate your Dataset

Setup the Dataset type

In Picsellia, dataset have types, meaning that you can't annotate bounding boxes and polygons at the same time ( but you can convert polygon to bbox if you want ).

To setup your dataset type just go to your dataset settings page in the labels section :

30243024 30243024

Create your labels

Labels are classes name, you can add as many as you want, they will appear in your labeling interface:


Setup questions & answers

You can add some questions that will appear for every image annotated or shape created, this is a good way to add context annotations or child annotation like :

  • Where is the car ? -> bounding box
  • What's the brand of the car ? -> Shape context question
  • How is the weather ? -> Image context question

Start annotating  🚀

You can now click on annotate, the button appear at the top-right of every picture displayed in your Dataset overview page.

You will then access the labeling interface :).


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