Create a new Dataset Version


Want to do it with code?

From the Data Lake

In order to create a new version of a dataset, you need to go to your Datalake page and select the assets that you want to add to the new version.

Then click on Create dataset version.

You can then select the dataset version to base your new version.

Then choose the name to give to this dataset version.

From a dataset

If you want to create a new version of a dataset, you can do it from the already existing dataset.

When on the Dataset view, you can select a subset or all assets from the dataset and click on Create new version.

You will be asked to give a name to this new version.

In addition, you can also clone in the new version the labels and the tags attached to the original version of the datasets.

Then, click on Create and go to the Dataset tab to retrieve the freshly created version.