Deploy without our Serving

You can deploy a model without using our Serving service.

From the Web Application

Select "Monitoring Only" and deploy !

From SDK


Available after version 6.7.0

You can call Client.create_deployment() (see reference here) with parameter disable_serving=True if you want to deploy without our Serving. You will still be able to add monitored prediction to your deployment.

from picsellia import Client
from picsellia.types.schemas_prediction import DetectionPredictionFormat

api_token = "<YOUR_API_TOKEN>"
organization_name = "<ORGANIZATION_NAME>"

client = Client(api_token=api_token, organization_name=organization_name)

name = "<MODEL_NAME>"
version = 0 # version number or version name as a string

model_version = client.get_model(model_name).get_version(model_version)
deployment = client.create_deployment(model_version, disable_serving=True)

deployment.predict() won't be callable because there is no serving on Picsellia side !
But you still can call deployment.monitor() (see reference here)