One of the main feature of Picsellia is Data Management, from storage to versioning through annotation, we will cover everything in this section

To help you store, organize, clean, share and use your data we have developed the following parts :


This is the one-stop place for all your data inside your organization.

In the Datalake you can store, search, filter and modify all your data, today data refers to images ( .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff ).


Unsupported format

We do not support video format ( .mp4, .webp, etc. )

We strongly recommend to add tag to your data so you can quickly create sets.



Every files stored in your Datalake are called Data in Picsellia.

All your data inside your lake can be search by different attributes :

  • width
  • height
  • source : You can set a source when you upload data from the SDK
  • filename
  • tags : You can add tag when uploading from the platform or from the SDK.


You can create Dataset by aggregated Data from your Datalake, these Dataset can be versionned and duplicated as you want in order to insure reproducibility.


A Dataset needs to have a type, the current supported type are:

  • classification
  • detection
  • segmentation
  • keypoints